Moving to the Cloud Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

Cutting company costs can become a daunting task. No one wants to downsize a department or cut back on programs or services that help your company grow.  Finding ways, like cutting back on energy costs, can save money without having to rethink the wheel.

We aren’t talking about working in the dark, or making sure employees flip the light switch off every time they leave a room. Your IT infrastructure is adding to your electricity bill, and moving it into the cloud can save you a substantial amount of money coming out of your bottom line.

How much are those physical servers costing you in power?

According to ZDNet, the average physical server cost around 731.94 per year in just electricity.  That’s a lot of power, and it’s costing you a lot of money!  On top of that, you have to maintain cooling costs and any additional utilities that are required to run a on-premises infrastructure.

Let the cloud improve your carbon footprint

When you move your IT infrastructure to the cloud you are not just offsetting your energy costs to your cloud provider; you are allowing them to manage those costs on an economy of scale that also decreases your company’s carbon footprint.

Cloud providers consolidate energy resources and share them across all of their infrastructure.  Power is such a large expense for cloud providers, that they are constantly looking at ways to reduce their expenses.  Some cloud providers, like Silverline Solutions, also look for ways to be environmentally responsible by implementing green energy solutions.  This maximizes energy efficiency for not only you, but for all their customers and our environment.

Silverline Solutions uses the most up-to-date hardware

As a cloud solutions provider, Silverline Solutions is always upgrading hardware to make sure it is as energy efficient as possible, but also making sure that our customers have the best service and performance as possible.  That’s a win – win!  This mission not only allows us to actively decrease our energy costs, but it allows us to work on improving our carbon footprint.

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Ryan Hall