Moving to the Cloud? Refocus Your I.T Staff Instead of Downsizing

In the mid-to-late 1900s people dreamed of a world where robots, computers, and automation made their lives easier and more carefree. Cartoons, like The Jetsons, made living in the future the ultimate paradise where anything was possible. Snap back to 2017 and public sentiment for that change has declined, because of the stigma that automation causes the loss of jobs. We are no longer dreaming of self-driving cars, or grocery delivering robots. We are now more afraid that the human element of future technology innovation is fading, and that the next era has no room for the doers of yesterday.

Don’t downsize. Refocus.

Moving your company to the cloud can come with some of these concerns. Most importantly, the idea of another company taking over your I.T. infrastructure can bring a sobering notion that downsizing your I.T. staff is the next logical step. Consequently, some businesses can benefit from downsizing, but only if they have very large, structured I.T. departments whose primary focus is maintaining and running their company hosted infrastructure. For the majority of companies, this isn’t a reality. Your I.T. staff is likely underutilized and overworked. Bringing in a cloud solution is a way to refocus your current staff’s workload to a better utilization of their time, while improving your infrastructure AND saving money.

Refocusing your current I.T. staff’s time will not only attribute to a better overall job satisfaction, but lets them focus on work that helps the company grow and become more profitable. Instead of scaling back manpower, rethink the way your I.T. department operates. Figure out ways they can fix larger issues in the company, and focus on proactive solutions to help your company continue to succeed.

For more information on how to refocus your I.T., click and download our white paper, “9 Ways the Cloud Can Help You Focus on Your Real I.T. Problems”.

Ryan Hall