What Are Security Assessment Services?

Silverline Solutions provides detailed and comprehensive cybersecurity assessment services and audits for IT networks and systems. Our experienced engineers review and evaluate your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities to decrease the risk of potential attacks. After diving deep into your systems, we’ll create a detailed strategy to mitigate risk without slowing your systems down. Here’s what we’ll do in a security assessment:

Penetration Testing

We’ll review your network devices, systems, and IP addresses to determine any vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. We’ll take that information and craft innovative solutions for minimizing threats.

Vulnerability Testing

We will scan and determine any vulnerabilities and security loop holes within systems, websites, and applications.  We’ll investigate potential weaknesses and create strategies to eliminate attacks.

Systems Assessment

We will review your current infrastructure and over all IT systems to determine risk factors, potential threats, and other vulnerabilities.  We will then make recommendations on how you can best protect your systems and your business.