Comprehensive IT & Cybersecurity For A Hometown Propane Provider.

Silverline Solutions partnered with Euliss to integrate robust cybersecurity and IT strategies and solutions that protect and promote their business.


Euliss came to Silverline Solutions after hearing of several major cybersecurity events within the fuel industry. They needed guidance on the necessary actions to protect their infrastructure and data. They were also interested in streamlining their order and payment processes for improved efficiency and customer experience.


We migrated Euliss to cloud desktops to improve security and accessibility. We integrated multifactor authentication into their systems to protect each login and provide notification of unusual login attempts. Cloud desktops with multifactor authentication also allow upper management to access their secure data from anywhere and at any time, providing effective disaster recovery and business continuity support in this digital age. Onsite at Euliss, we installed and manage next-gen firewall systems to protect office staff and local network devices (including WiFi) from threats like port scans, malicious URLs and malware. This critical protection ensures no threats can reach any device within their network and protects customer data from digital predators.

Once their data was secure, we set Euliss up with MyFuelPortal which is a customer portal designed for the gas and oil industry. This portal works in conjunction with their Cargas Energy ERP system. This online portal and mobile app allows their customers to pay bills, manage their account, and request service and delivery all while driving efficiency and giving the customers what they require to easily do business with fuel providers.